** All clients shall be required to sign a Grooming Release prior to services**

FULL GROOMING                                         Call for Pricing*                                Includes:   15mins. of brushing, nail trim & filing, ear cleaning, double bath with blow dry and cut styled to breed standard or client request.           


FLUFF & BUFF                                             Call for Pricing*                                  Includes:   15mins. of  brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim & filing, double bath with blow dry and a neaten up.


WASH N’ DRY                                             Call for Pricing*                                  Includes:  5 mins. of brushing (if applicable), nail trim & filing, pad and feet trim if needed, ear cleaning, double bath with blow dry. 

* Pricing varies by size and condition of skin & coat.                                               (Additional fees shall apply for brushing or de-matting over 15mins. at a rate of $20 per hour.)

NOTE:  Please advise prior to grooming if your pet has allergies, requires his or her own prescription shampoo/conditioner, or you do not prefer a fragranced finishing spritz.

A-LA-CARTE & ADD-ON SERVICES                                                                           Ear Cleaning                                                                                                          $5 Teeth Brushing                                                                                                      $5    Nail Trimming & Filing                                                                                           $10 Anal Gland Release                                                                                              $15 Brush-outs                                                                            (varies by size)        Call Furminator De-Shed                                                             (varies by size)       Call


*Please be advised animals are not permitted in the salon with live fleas.  If you may be aware your animal has fleas, please do not bring your pet in for his/her appointment as not to spread live fleas throughout the salon and onto other clients’ pets.  Should live fleas be found on your pet, you will be contacted and required to pick up your pet immediately.  If live fleas are found during bathing, a flea bath will be administered for the appropriate cost per the size of the pet.

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