HOLISTIC PET SERVICES                                   


Although all pets will share in the transfer of energy during their grooming, Reiki treatments are not included with the appointment.  All Reiki sessions require an initial consultation and will be scheduled to be performed within the pets home.  This is to ensure the pet is most comfortable and to best receive the full benefits of the treatment..  Please call to discuss a consultation and schedule a private session.


  • All appointments are scheduled on a Start-to-Finish basis, one client at a time.  This creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere and provides pets with individualized attention.  Pets are able to be picked up once their spa time is completed.
  • Full Grooming, Fluff & Buff, and Bath Only Services are offered. All baths are done using all natural hypo-allergenic shampoos. Owners may supply their pets vet prescribed shampoo, if necessary.
  • Pet styling can be done to breed standard or client request.
  • Call-ahead, same day Nail Trims are available.
  • Gift Certificates are available in any denominations.
  • All major credit cards accepted by:


Address:   145 Washington Street Reading, MA 01867
Phone:    (781) 391-8678                                                                                   
  Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri:                   between      9:30 am   –         5:00 pm


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