My name is Lauri Anne Sciacca, and I am a Certified Pet Groomer and Animal Reiki Master.  It is my goal to provide a Holistic approach to pet services offering Reiki energy healing, as well as, grooming to meet the needs of those having special requirements, health issues, behavioral problems, and more.   I am available by appointment only, servicing one client at time in order to provide better care practices and individualized attention.

My career with animals began in the early 1990’s while working for a local dog trainer owned daycare, where I gained valuable experience in animal behavior and effective training techniques.  My formal grooming training and certification was acquired at a Massachusetts accredited School of Professional Dog Grooming teaching the Golden Paws method created by Master Stylist Jacqueline Rauch.  In an effort to enhance my skills and knowledge, I regularly attend industry trade shows, seminars and workshops.   I am an annual member of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals.

Reiki has brought peace and balance into my life, helping to heal my physical, mental and spiritual being.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, I specialize in Animal Reiki.  In my grooming practices, I integrate Reiki to promote a calm, relaxed atmosphere ensuring pets are content so they will have a most enjoyable grooming experience.  This holistic approach is designed to embrace the entire well-being of your pet, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I am also an annual member of the IARP,




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